What you should know about Arboretum forest located in Huye

What you should know about Arboretum forest located in Huye

The Arboretum Forest is one of the largest planted forests in the Southern Province of Rwanda. It is located in Huye District, Ngoma sector, Butare village in Busenyi village, and it is well-located near the University of Rwanda, Huye Campus known as Ruhande.

Rwanda Sun has used various documents that trace the history of the Arboretum Forest for preparing a story that provides insight into the Arboretum forest.

History says that Arboretum Forest was planted in 1934 by the Charity brothers (les frères de la Charité) for promoting artificial forestry in Rwanda and preserve the environment.

The forest has been expanding since 1963, when the National University of Rwanda was established.

The forest was given the name “Arboretum,” which means a place where many trees are planted for study, research, or relaxation.

Currently, the Arboretum Forest covers an area of 200 hectares and encompasses the area the has the premises of the University of Rwanda, Huye Campus, formerly known as National University of Rwanda.

The Arboretum Forest is considered as one of the biggest planted forests in the Southern Province, especially in Huye, because it has the ability to release 58,266.18 tons of oxygen per year, providing the fresh air needed by more than 8,896 people, according to research.

The Arboretum Forest has more than 320,000 trees that can absorb over 1,284.92 tons of CO2 per year. It is home to various species of animals, including monkeys, birds, mammals, rodents, and more.

Arboretum Forest is the home of animals including forest monkeys

In addition to providing fresh air for people around Huye town to breathe, scientists say that it contributes to the balance of temperature in neighboring areas, supports the ecosystem and is used in research, especially for students studying at the UR’s College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine and promotes tourism and among other things.

Reports from the Rwanda Forestry Authority state that this forest contains 500 areas with different types of trees depending on their species and planting dates.

Due to the beauty and uniqueness of this forest, the was included in the ‘Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy’ in 2018, a Commonwealth Initiative that aims to manage and conserve forests in Commonwealth countries.

The Arboretum Forest serves as a source of relaxation and fresh air for residents, especially students of the University of Rwanda.

Currently, the forest is dedicated to various partners in order to preserve it. Among them are the Rwanda Forestry Authority and Biodiversity Conservation Organization, BIOCOOR, a non-governmental organization experienced in protecting and conserving biodiversity, Rwanda Agricultural Board and Rwanda Forestry Authority. The forest is used as a hub for producing seeds for afforestation in other parts of the country.

The Arboretum Forest is one if the biggest planted forest in Southern Province especially in Huye District



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