UR comments on abortion case at Huye campus

UR comments on abortion case at Huye campus


The University of Rwanda’s Spokesperson, Ignatius Kabagambe, has spoken about the recent incident of stillborn baby found in dustbin at the girls’ main hostel known as “Benghazi B”.

Last Friday, December 1, at the University of Rwanda, Huye Campus, news broke out that a cleaners found an aborted baby in a dustbin while collecting the garbages at the campus. The deceased baby appeared to be barely eight months old.

On Saturday, December 2, Ignatius Kabagambe took to X and wrote that a 19-year-old girl has been suspected of the abortion and has been arrested by the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB).

“The young lady suspected of the abortion is now safely in the hands of RIB, and the law will take its course,” Kabagambe said on X.

The Spokesperson continues reminds people to avoid judging the lady first and to consider the proximity of the case to anyone’s life.

” The girl is someone’s daughter,sibling, or niece. It seems like pregnancy was a burden for her, and that’s why she got rid of the baby. Above all, she is Rwandan and a UR’s student”. Kabagambe said.

UR Spokesperson reiterated that the institution remains focused on providing the safest possible environment for their students and staff and bearing in mind the vulnerability of the young girl .

Reports has shaped that out of 100 female students going to university, 36 of them have probability of becoming pregnant during their first year.

On Friday, December 1, Died baby  found in the main girls’ hostel “Benghazi B” at UR- Huye Campus.


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