UK’s Cleverly in Rwanda for re-signing migrants treaty

UK’s Cleverly in Rwanda for re-signing migrants treaty

The United kingdom’s Home Secretary James Cleverly is in Rwanda for one day state visit for re-signing the “Migration and Economic Development Partnership, MRDP, between the United Kingdom and the Government of Rwanda and proving wrong the recent declaration of UK’s Supreme court that the development ‘is unlawful‘.

Initially, upon his arrival, Cleverly visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial at Gisozi to pay tribute to victims of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

The two countries plan to review and re-emphasize on the substantial grounds that prove that Rwanda is a safe country for refugees and migrants and has full commitment to address the concerns of the court that expressed worries about asylum seekers to be sent back to their home countries that they came from, upon arriving in Rwanda.

Several times, United Kingdom pointed out concerns from the migrants who illegally cross to UK using small boats.

Recently, Rwanda’s spokeperson, Yolande makolo cleared that the new treaty aims to re-emphasize the quaratees that are in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) signed between the two countries.

Cleverly in Rwanda was received by the Ambassador of UK to Rwanda Omar Daair and the Rwanda’s Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Clementine Mukeka.

Cleverly today also will have discussions with different officials in Rwanda including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Vincent Biruta.

It is planned that by tomorrow, Cleverly will present to the UK’s parliament the findings from the new treaty.

The UK’s home secretary, James Cleverly was received by Rwanda’s Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of foreign affairs, Amb. Clementine Mukeka.


Elie Mutangana

Elie Mutangana

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