UCL: Six teams booked their spot in 1/8

UCL: Six teams booked their spot in 1/8

The Title contender, Manchester City and Real Madrid are among six teams already booked their spot in the UEFA Champions League round of 16, despite there are still two remaining matches in group stage.

Since September 19, the 2023-2024 Champions League games have been played on the European continent.

Since then, in all 8 groups, each team has played 4 games, but some teams have already secured the ⅛ ticket with two games remaining in the group stage.

In Group A, Germany’s Giants Bayern Munich has already secured the ⅛ ticket after winning all 4 matches. This Germany giant has 12 points with 5 Goal difference.

Another Spain’s giants, Real Madrid have also secured ⅛ ticket to the UEFA Champions League after they now have 12 points in Group C.

In group D, it has become clear because Inter Milan from Italy and Real Sociedad from Spain have reached the ⅛ as they have 10/12 points.

In Group G, Manchester City, the last cup holder, has also reached the ⅛ as they now have 12/12 points. Germany’s club, RB Leipzig also secured the ⅛ ticket with 9 points in Group G.

November 28-29 marks the return of the UEFA Champions League when all teams play 5th match day of group stage.





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