Trace Awards 2023: Rwanda ready to welcome the celebrities

Trace Awards 2023: Rwanda ready to welcome the celebrities

The excitement is high in the capital Kigali as the Trace Awards & Festival 2023 draws closer, with just a few days left until October 20, when the most prominent and influential African and diaspora artists in an extraordinary celebration of African and Afro-inspired music and talent descends on Rwanda.

Neat roads, well-kept lawns and palm trees lining the streets and the hospitality sector is equally ready to welcome the celebrities.

Visit Rwanda on top !

Rwanda is the tourism-focused arm of the Rwanda Development Board, a government body responsible for fast-tracking Rwanda’s economic development by enabling private sector growth.

Visit Rwanda works with local conservation, tourism, and development partners to create and sustain tourism products that benefit inbound tourists and, local communities and wildlife ecosystems.

The visibility that Rwanda has so far received for hosting the inaugural Trace Awards slated for Saturday 21 October, is worth over $56 million, accoriding to Trace co-founder and executive chairman Olivier Laouchez.

The Trace Awards and Festival will take place in Kigali between 20-22 October, with the Trace Awards broadcast live from the BK Arena on Saturday 21st October.

Speaking at a roundtable media event at the BK Arena ahead of the Trace Awards & Festival, Laouchez thanked the Rwandan partners who helped bring the music and cultural milestone to fruition in Kigali.

“We would like to thank the Rwandan institutions, organisations and individuals who have worked tirelessly to deliver the Trace Awards and Festival. I would particularly like to highlight our partners, who have all striven to make the Trace Awards a huge success.”

Laouchez said that the Trace Awards and Festival is a game-changing event for Rwanda’s tourism, seeing the media influence and value it has made before the main event.

“The value of the press that we now have before the actual event is over $56 million, and that means that Rwanda has been promoted at a cost of that amount. We are on track to a great and amazing event that will have a huge impact on African music,” he said.

Trace co-founder and executive chairman Olivier Laouchez

On her part, Ariella Kageruka, the Head of Tourism and Conservation at Rwanda Development Board, said: “The Trace Awards and Festival present a great platform for collaboration and visibility for the creative industry in Rwanda and Africa. We look forward to an exhilarating three-day celebration of African artistry, culture and entertainment.”

According to Kageruka, local musicians who were invited to participate in the event and other different players in the creative industry should take advantage of this opportunity to upskill and create new partnerships from big artistes on the globe.

“This is a great platform for collaboration and visibility to the creative industry of Rwanda and local players should use this opportunity to bring amazing things we see on the continent,” Kageruka noted.

Kageruka, said the Trace Awards are an important platform to showcase Rwanda’s activities at the international level.

She said that Rwandans should always prepare for international events because good infrastructure has been built and the international community appreciates Rwanda for its hospitality.

Over 7000 music fans will have the opportunity to experience the live event, while thousands more will have the opportunity to interact with the event online, on TV and via social media.

Targeted at lovers of African and Afro-inspired music and culture, the Trace Awards will air on Trace TV, radio and digital channels, multiple free-to-air broadcasters in Africa, Europe and the USA, and stream live on YouTube.The viewership and social interaction is expected to exceed 500 million fans in 190 countries.

The Awards event has given a global promotional platform for Rwandan artists who have been nominated in awards categories such as “Best Rwandan Artist” and “Best Artist – East Africa”. The Rwandan artists Bruce Melodie, Bwiza and Chriss EazyAlso will perform during the Trace Awards.

Many other Rwandan artists have been given their chance to shine at the Trace Festival at the KCEV 20-22 October.

Over three days, the Festival will focus a spotlight on talented Rwandan artists and DJs, including Maestro Boomin, Ish Kevin, Kenny K-Shot, Bruce Melodie, Sema Sole, Angell Mutoni, Boy Chopper, Mike Kayihura, Tsonpa, Hottempah Collective, DJ Fans-T, DJ Higa, DJ Rusam, and DJ Irah.

Rwandan brands and creatives have been incorporated into the Trace Festival, with brands such as Haute Baso, Ashanti and Bibi Creations working with Trace to curate and create a special three day cultural experience highlighting Rwandan creativity and talent and incorporating a retail marketplace, food court, conference and workshop programme, and fashion and beauty experiences.

Among the many Rwandan brands taking pride of place are Moshions, House of Tayo, Sonia Mugabo, Inzuki, KT’SOBtE, Maison Munezero, Uzi Collection, Rwanda Clothing, N’intoki, Ki-pepeo Kids, Wearfragile, Bibi Creations, Kalunza, Gahaya Links, Irebe, Mwinda, Tugirimana,

Art Rwanda Ubuhanzi, KomezArt, Wood Habitat, Lisa Marler, Laini, In Wood, Mass Made, and Master Weavers. Rwandan creative collective “63 Create ” will use its expertise to create content around the Trace Festival, and Kalunza, the South African fashion and laptop accessories brand, will make its first international presentation at the Festival.

Ariella Kageruka, the Head of Tourism and Conservation at Rwanda Development Board





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