Dancer Titi Brown receives support during Gen-Z Comedy Show

Dancer Titi Brown receives support during Gen-Z Comedy Show

Ishimwe Thierry, known as Titi Brown who has recently  acquitted by the court, has received a support of money during the renowned Gen-Z comedy show organized and hosted by comedian , Fally Merci.

Titi Brown is a professional modern dancer, whose name hovered the Rwanda’s entertainment industry during the Covid period,  when he had featured in the then mega hit songs such  as “Kamwe”, “amashu” and the Dj Phil Peter’s hit “Amata” that he collaborated with Social Mula.

The dancer was detained in 2021 and suspected of defilement. His case took long due to different reasons  from both prosecutors and the Titi’s side.

On the evening of November 16, the  young dancer made his first appearance in the Gen-Z Comedy Show, a show that started whey he was already in prison.

Given that his huge fan base was highly waiting for him, the host Fally Merci took an advantage of welcoming  Titi Brown on the stage prior to getting that the dancer had attended the show.

The show that normally has “a meet me tonight” segment gave Titi the benefits to meet his fans and supporters.

As the campaigns have been in place to support the released dancer. Occasionally , the host Merci also campaigned the support to him in his own show by urging the attendees to support him so that he can be able to survive and adapt easily following the release.

Titi himself revealed that he has lost many things during the two years he spent in the prison, and that the compensation that he appealed for – was controversially not considered by the court – after approving him guilty.

“I was renting a house before my arrest. My ghetto had everything, including house materials but I later ordered my father to sell them and get money to pay school fees for my siblings”. The dancer revealed in an interview on a local YouTube channel.

He added that he sold everything after realizing that his hopes to get bailed or released were very far.

At the show, the comedy goers demonstrated empathy to him and handed him some money as a support and a welcome to normal life.

Titi who seemed speechless due gratitude uttered ‘appreciations’ to everyone for being close to him in many ways

Meanwhile, Titi Brown could not be able to announce  the amount of money that he got from the show as it wrapped up while still counting the money.

He is repeatedly  expressing his gratitude to his lawyer who helped him regardless of any payment and successfully brought him to getting justice.

“I also thank the Rwanda’s Justice body and Rwanda Correlation Service( RCS) for the fair treatment and professionalism “. He acknowledged.

The dancer pledged to continue his profession and assured his fans not to disappoint them.

He said he is not weakened by the fact he was prisoned, but strengthened by the fact that he has learnt many things from the prison that he plans to use in his endeavors.

Titi Brown received money from Gen-Z Comedy Show for the first time





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