Titi Brown acquitted

Titi Brown acquitted

Ishimwe Thierry, a professional modern dancer known as Titi Brown who spent two years in prison was acquitted by the Court.

Ishimwe has been detained since 2021, after being accused of sexually assaulting and impregnating a 17-year-old. However, it was later revealed that she underwent an abortion because she was a minor.

In previous hearings, the prosecution emphasized that a DNA sample was obtained prior to the abortion in order to compare it with Ishimwe’s DNA. However, during the substantive trial, it was shown in the medical report that the DNA samples did not match.

Since the trial began, Ishimwe has consistently pleaded not guilty, asserting that the girl came to his place to inspect the dance studio he was getting ready to open, but did not actually enter his house. Consequently, he emphasises that he neither sexually assaulted her nor got her pregnant.

The Intermediate court of Nyarugenge confirmed that the prosecution’s case is groundless, affirming that Titi Brown is acquitted of the crime of sexually assaulting.

It confirmed that compensation is not awarded in this case and ordered that Thierry Ishimwe be released immediately after the trial.

Titi Brown had been imprisoned in Nyarugenge prison known as Mageragere for 2 years. The verdict was read on Friday, November 10, 2023.





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