The origin of the crocodile logo that appears on Lacoste Brands 

The origin of the crocodile logo that appears on Lacoste Brands 

From Baghdad, Iraq to Rosario, Argentina, you’ll find Lacoste brands including T-Shirts with its crocodile logo on the upper left chest. It’s also found in other continents including Africa.

The T-shirts became so popular until other T-shirts with any crocodile mark could be identified to belong to Lacoste.

The Lacoste’s journey to becoming the ultimate fashion designer started in 1927 when the French national tennis team captain had pledged to reward with a beautiful leather suitcase to one of the players, René LACOSTE if he would help to win the “COUPE DAVIS” tournament for France.

The suitcase was the latest and one of the most expensive suitcases at the time.

Due to good performance during the matches, Rene Lacoste had started to be nicknamed ” The Crocodile ” due to taking a little break after scoring as crocodile does after chasing a prey.

This nickname became so famous as he continued breaking records in Tennis.

One day, his friend, Robert George drew for Lacoste a crocodile logo on his coat which the Tennis player became very fond of. He could even wear it in the arenas.

As a result, in 1933, René LACOSTE together with André GILLIER founded garments manufacturing company and t shirt and branded it as “LACOSTE” with the crocodile logo .

The first garment produced in company was a white T-shirt with short sleeves and a crocodile logo as well.

The T-shirts became so popular in among tennis players and later, ordinary people started to wear it everywhere.

Currently, Lacoste has become the world’s largest clothing manufacturer over the last 90 years ago. It is under the management of Thierry Guibert since 2015 and Maus Fréres as the CEO. In 2022, Lacoste earned more than $2.5 billions .



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