The Ben responds to ‘Battle show’ proposal VS Bruce Melody

The Ben responds to ‘Battle show’ proposal VS Bruce Melody

Mugisha Benjamin popularly known as The Ben has outspoken that there is no need for “battle show” against Bruce Melodie, who Ben’s fans consider as his rival.

The rivalry between the Ben and Bruce Melody have been dominating headlines of news and captions on social media Platforms.

Social media and fans have been making comparison between the US based Rwandan singer, The Ben and Bruce Melody, who’s urguably said to be leading the music scene in Rwanda, particularly among the artists based within the country.

Bruce Melody who embraces hardworking through releasing hit songs has nicknamed himself “Munyakazi”, referred to “hard worker”.

The name and his releases said to enable him to fill the gap left by The Ben and Meddy after their departure to United States.

Fans started to commend Bruce Melody, especially when he won the PGGSS season 8, and later considered him to surpass The Ben and Meddy’s legacy.

The urguments increased when The Ben and Meddy were inconsistently releasing songs. Bruce Melody was once quoted labeling the US based duo, Meddy and The Ben as ‘lazy artists’.

Beef and Battle show request .

The Ben and Bruce Melody have always made it clear that there is no grudge between them, stating that ‘ it is a cold battle orchestrated by their fans’.

However ,several Rwandan entertainment experts revealed that there’s an undisclosed conflict between The Ben and his former Manager, Gael Karomba, known as Coach Gael.

Experts revealed that The Ben owes some money to Coach Gael, the money that the manager invested in The Ben’s Collabo song “Why” with the Tanzania mega star, Diamond Platinumz.

Following The Ben split with the manager, Coach Gael, some reports started to speculate that the manager was interrupting The Ben’s endeavors for revenge over him.

As a result, the comparison and unapproved beef between The Ben and Bruce Melody was worsened when Bruce Melody signed under the Coach Gael management, 1:55AM.

The 1:55AM team started to be labeled as the threat to The Ben, a thing that Ben’s fans was protesting.

That is when social media personalities formed what they called “Team the Ben” and ” Team Bruce Melody”, and fans on social media started to pick sides according to who they admire.

Some journalists dismissed taking sides and reiterated to be supporting the artists in general.

The cold rivalry between the two sides went viral on social media, hence fans calling for battle concert to confirm the best between the two.

They were also drawing an incident in Uganda, where two prominent female artists, Sheebah and Cindy had had a Battle show in the capital, Kampala.

Youth Minister, Abdallah Utumatwishima also comment on the trend, saying ‘ the artists shouldn’t battle but work together instead, as both are a good artists’.

The Ben said ‘There’s no need for the Battle show

Today, when The Ben was at the Kigali International Airport, heading Canada for ” Youth Convention Forum” concert, Ben said he prefers to have a concert with Bruce Melody for thrilling their fans, instead of showing up for ‘battling’.

In contrast, Bruce Melody had recently said that he wishes the battle show.

The Ben is leaving for the concert while his highly anticipated wedding ceremony have been bringing controversies on social media over the online access fees, which said to be uncommon and extremely expensive.

The Ben is wedding his girlfriend, Miss Pamela Uwicyeza on December 15, at the Kigali Convention Center.



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