The Ben and Pamela reduce fee to watch their weeding

The Ben and Pamela reduce fee to watch their weeding

After people complained about the fee the artist The Ben and Uwicyeza Pamela set for people who want to watch their wedding, the fee has now been reduced from 50 000 Frw to 10 000 Frw.

Artist Mugisha Benjamin and Uwicyeza Pamela are getting married on December 15, 2023 where there will be introduction and Dowry giving ceremony.

On December 23, 2023, they will get engaged in front of God and there will be a wedding ceremony at Kigali Convention Center.

Those who have an invitation will go to the Convention Center, while others who want to watch the wedding live will be able to watch it on the website “”.

Attending this wedding is not free but there is a fee. Before, they had established that the cost of conducting this wedding is 50 thousand Rwandan francs.

It is a story that has not been well received where you go to social media and find people asking about this very high price, wondering why they are selling their wedding.

Now when you visit this website, click on the window to view this wedding, the price has been reduced from 50 thousand to 10 thousand Rwandan francs.

The Ben and Pamela are going to get married after in October 2021, The Ben put an engagement ring on Pamela and asked her to be his wife and the other agreed and in August 2022 they got engaged in law in a ceremony held at the Kimihurura Sector.



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