Startimes Rwanda unveils Ganza Tv

Startimes Rwanda unveils Ganza Tv

On November 8, 2023, Startimes Rwanda officially launched a television channel called “Ganza” that will show international movies in Kinyarwanda language.

It is a 24/7 television channel that will solve the problem of international movie lovers in Rwanda who were unable to watch the lessons due to not fully understanding the language.

Ganza TV will be available on the 103 channel for who using antenna from the beginning of November 2023.

This is when users of the antenna known as a dish watch it on channel 460, which shows all movies in Kinyarwanda only.

This way of Startimes Rwanda to show Rwandan programs in a special way comes after the launch of Magic Sports which shows football matches in Rwanda in collaboration with RBA.

Frankly Wang, CEO of Startimes in Rwanda said that they are proud to provide good service to Rwandans and their customers in general.

He said that they first collected feedback from their customers and that’s what they relied on and started delivering the best to them.

He said, “We are now bringing Ganza TV, a unique and exciting channel that will help people enjoy themselves without language barriers.”

Ganza TV also broadcasts international entertainment shows and movies including those from South America, the Philippines, Turkey, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and more.

Startimes has more than 700 channels serving more than 45 million television users in more than 30 countries in its 35 years of existence.





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