South Korea Passes law banning dog eating

South Korea Passes law banning dog eating

In South Korea, the parliament has passed a law banning the eating of dogs. The law will come into effect from 2027.

In November 2023, the head of the ruling party announced the adoption of a law banning the eating of dog meat, explaining that it is time to put an end to social conflicts and disagreements on this issue.

In recent years, the practice of eating dogs has drawn criticism from both the international community and the younger generation of South Koreans.

The new law focuses on the dog meat trade – those convicted of butchering dogs face up to three years in prison, while people found guilty of raising dogs for meat or selling dog meat could serve a maximum of two years.

Farmers and restaurant owners have three years to find alternative sources of employment and income before the legislation comes into force.

According to government statistics, South Korea had around 1,600 dog meat restaurants and 1,150 dog farms in 2023, all of which will now have to submit a plan to phase out their businesses to their local authorities.





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