Rwandans sensitized on proper condom use

Rwandans sensitized on proper condom use

Rwandans were Tuesday sensitized on proper use of condoms as a way of preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Kigali – 13th February 2024; The Ministry of Health is partnering with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) to mark the International Condom Day (ICD).

This day is commemorated every 13th day of February annually with the aim of sensitizing the public on the importance of condoms, and highlighting its effectiveness in offering protection against HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

International condom day is a global advocacy and awareness day that serves to promote the use of condoms as a means of preventing the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) including HIV and avoiding unintended pregnancies.

HIV prevalence in Rwanda, according to the Ministry of Health, has been stable at 3%.

Nteziryayo Narcisse, Prevention Programs Manager, AHF-RWANDA applauded the health centre’s work as well as Rwanda’s low HIV prevalence rate compared to neighbouring countries in the region.

“People on the ground have all the knowledge they need, it’s now about resources so that when we combine knowledge and resources, we will end the epidemic by 2030.”

Nteziryayo said, that AHF provides between 4 and 5 million condoms per year while the country’s provides 30 million condoms.

We want to re-emphasize the importance of condom that it is currently one of the cheapest and affordable tools for prevention of HIV and other STIs and prevention of early pregnancies.” Said the Executive Secretary Rwanda NGOs Forum on HIV/AIDS & Health Promotion Ms. Nooliet Kabanyana.

She encouraged distributers of condoms to always educate people on how to use them and to find out which community consumes more so that they distribute enough condoms.

Dr. Basile Ikuzo, Director of HIV prevention in RBC also said that there is a clear need to increase awareness on HIV and SRH among youth.

“This essential to fast track HIV prevention and treatment as the youth is one of the groups with high HIV prevalence and reluctant to seek HIV services.”

According to UNFPA, in 2023, more than 1 billion pieces of male and female condoms were delivered by UNFPA worldwide.

The public was called upon to have a proper use of condoms and to make sure that both females and males should have condoms before having sex for better options in case one refuses to put it on.

One should always be clean before putting on a condom to avoid infections and advised to trim not to shave when they are going to have sex because sometimes one can get a cut during shaving and end up having a wound which is a risk of getting an infection.

Executive Secretary Rwanda NGOs Forum on HIV/AIDS & Health Promotion Ms. Nooliet Kabanyana




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