Rwanda welcomed 169 asylum seekers

Rwanda welcomed 169 asylum seekers

Rwanda welcomed new 169 asylum seekers from Libya originating from Eritrea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan.

The migrants arrived at Kigali International Airport on the evening of Thursday, November 16.

The Ministry in Charge of emergency management on X announced that “Rwanda remains committed to offering refuge & assistance to people in need”.

These migrants came and join more than 500 others who were accommodated in Gashora camp located in Bugesera district, while searching for countries that can host them.

In 2019, the Government of Rwanda, in collaboration with the African Union, UNHCR and other partners, set up a program to help migrants who had been living badly in various camps in Libya, while waiting to reach in Europe.

So far, about 1,500 have been received in Gashora temporary camp in Bugesera, while more than 900 have found host countries.

Rwanda welcomed 169 asylum seekers from Libya but originating from different countries





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