Rwanda has proven record of offering a home to migrants and refugees – The Govt

Rwanda has proven record of offering a home to migrants and refugees – The Govt

Rwanda has announced that the new treaty signed between Rwanda’s government and United Kingdom on the Migration and Economic Development Partnership (MEDP) will reaffirm Rwanda’s commitment to the partnership and provide necessary assurances that will allow the partnership to move forward.

The notification was released on Tuesday, December 5, following the one-day state visit of the UK’s Home Secretary, James Cleverly in Rwanda fo signing new treaty on the igration partnership.

According to the statement, the treaty will re-emphasize in a binding manner, already existing commitments that address concerns raised in the legal process about the protection of asylum seekers.

I will also see the introduction of new appeals tribunal, to be established under Rwandan law and overseen by the two co-presidents, one Rwandan and one drawn from another Commonwealth country, and a panel of judges from various nationalities, who will hear appels in the event an asylum claim is turned down.

“The partnership is a bold new approach to deter the dangerous migration journeys which are causing untold suffering, while also addressing the global imbalance of economic opportunity, which is the underlying causes of mass irregular migration.” The statement noted .

UK shows that almost 29,000 people arrived on the southern English coast without permission only this year of 2023 and over 45,755 were detected in 2022.

The UK, Rwanda warn that the boats will not be completely stopped unless there is a reverse on the lack of opportunity and insecurity in the countries around the world.

Repeatedly, Rwanda demonstrates the commitment of protecting vulnerable people such migrants and refugees.

For example, according to UNHCR, about 133,628 refugees and asylum seekers are in Rwanda as of 31 July 2023. Mainly including people from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (61.4%) and Burundi (38%). They are all safe in the country.

Furthermore, Rwanda also hosted asylum seekers of different nationalities who were evacuated from Libya in several times. The asylum seekers are now safely residing at the Gashora Emergency Transit Mechanism (ETM) centre, in Bugesera district.

Rwanda reiterates that ” it has a proven record of offering a home to migrants and refugees from around the world. Anyone who comes to Rwanda under this agreement will be welcomed and given the safety and support they need to build new lives in the country”.



Elie Mutangana

Elie Mutangana

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