Rwanda Fertiliser plant receives “Made in Rwanda” Logo

Rwanda Fertiliser plant receives  “Made in Rwanda” Logo

The first fertilizer plant in Rwanda, which is expected to produce 100,000 tons of fertilizer yearly, has been awarded the “Made in Rwanda” quality seal by the Rwanda Standards Board (RSB).

According to the Ministry of Trade and Industry ( MINICOM), after gaining this quality certificates, the Rwanda Fertilizer Company is expected to boost the amount of fertilizer that farmers previously lacked, hence increasing agricultural production.

Rwanda celebrated International Quality Day on Thursday, October 12, 2023, at which time this business was granted authorization to operate and got these ISO certificates.

The celebration of World Standards day 2023, is being celebrated under the theme “Standards for sufficient and healthy food towards sustainable socio-economic development.”

To ensure that standards contribute to sustainable socio-economic development, the celebration brings together all stakeholders who participate in the formulation of standards, those who apply them, and partners who assist the standardizing effort.

Minister of Trade and Indusrty, Prof Chrisostome Ngabitsinze stated that granting this company the Made in Rwanda Label has enormous significance because their fertilizer will be sold internationally and is dependable on the market.

He stated” The Seals that read “Made in Rwanda” are essential, even if this feltilizer factory has been producing feltilizers for a long.”

He continued by stating that the facility is antipaced to produce such a way that the price would be minimized due to the local and cheaper availability of inputs.

According to Murenzi Raymond, the Director General of the Rwanda Standards Board (RSB), the granting of quality marks to this facility boosts foreign nations’ confidence in Rwandan goods.

He said, “So in the country we used to bring all the fertilizer that comes from abroad, this is the goal that the fertilizer will be produced in Rwanda and given to the people all over the country.

Patrick Mararashika, who was the representative of this plant, indicated that it will start working before the month of January next year 2024 and will solve some of the problems of lack of fertilizer that farmers are facing.

He added, “We are about to fill this factory, this year it will be completed and we plan to produce 100 thousand tons per year and these tons will add fertilizer to Rwanda” .

The awarding of international quality marks to this company is in addition to the 30 companies in Rwanda that have already received international quality marks.

In order for a product or business activity to recive international quality marks, RSB says that it must be registered in the RDB, have a quality mark ( S Mark)and have its intelectual property registered and maintained.

The RSB management claims that it is a smart strategy for Rwanda as it works to deliver high-quality services across a variety of sectors.





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