Rihanna’s husband charges attempt murder

Rihanna’s husband charges attempt murder

Rakim Mayers, known as A$AP Rocky, the 35-year-old rapper and husband Rihanna; He is charged with attempted murder his former colleague in A$AP mob rap group .

The rapper is also accused of assault and attempted to murder A$AP Relli [Terell Ephron] who was a member of the A$AP Mob rap group.

This is not the first time that A$AP Rocky is going to court to be prosecuted for the crimes he committed against this former colleague. In April last year, he was arrested and released after posting a bail of $550,000.

In August 2022 he was arrested again but was released after a trial and acquitted.

These allegations have been resumed after a video surfaced showing A$AP Rocky fighting with his former colleague in Hollywood in Los Angeles with a gun. The footage contradicts the audio shown in court last week.

A$AP Relli after the showing of these videos in the court of Los Angeles , testified about what happened to him when he was shot by Rocky.

“A$AP Rocky grabbed me by the arm, shook me. I tried to knock him down to get out of his hands, and that’s when he took the gun out of its place. He held it on my stomach and said that he would kill me now. He was very angry, he held a gun to my arm and head.”

He went on to say that he told A$AP Rocky to shoot him. “I said to him why did you bring a gun and you know you weren’t going to use it?”

A$AP Relli’s lawyer said A$AP Rocky’s behavior was so suspicious that it caused his client to be traumatized. Relli is asking for $250,000 to pay for the damages caused by the general shooting.

A$AP Rocky appeared in court seemingly unfazed by the allegations and posed for photos with his fans, TMZ reported.

A$AP Rocky is scheduled to return to court on November 20th as Relli’s testimony continues.



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