Rayon Sports launches Gikundiro Bread

Rayon Sports launches Gikundiro Bread

Rayon Sports has launched Gikundiro Bread in partnership with The Women Bakery.

The launch ceremony took place on Monday, December 4, at the Rayon Sports Headquarters in Kicukiro District.

Gikundiro Bread will be produced by The Women Bakery, a flour bakery company, under a one-year contract.

During his speech, Jean Fidele Uwayezu, the President of Rayon Sports, stated that the goal of introducing bread is to make Rayon Sports a self-sustaining team.

“We have partnered with The Women Bakery to explore ways in which Rayon Sports can support itself. We decided on a bread-related project since it is a staple food for many Rwandans.”

Gikundiro Bread will be available in seven varieties, including Gikundiro White Salt Bread, Gikundiro Brown Salt Bread, Gikundiro Pain Vein Bread, Gikundiro Family Milk Bread, Gikundiro Family Brown Bread, Gikundiro Pen Sandwich Bread, and Gikundiro Baguette Bread. These breads will go on sale starting from Tuesday, December 5.

The price of the bread will range from 1000 Rwf to 200 Rwf, depending on the variety.

Rayon Sports has a strong sponsorship and partnership network, including Skol Brewery, Canal+, F& Y Ltd, Kwese Collection, Chop Life, RGL Security Company  and Nyanza District.

Gikundiro Bread will be available in seven varieties


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