PSF advises ACTR to seek legal status to leverage cross-border trading

PSF advises ACTR to seek legal status to leverage cross-border trading

Rwanda’s Private Sector Federation (PSF) has announced the need for ACTR, a cross-border traders association, to obtain legal status for trade legitimacy and safe cross-border trading operations.

A two-day conference by PSF highlighted the importance of establishing a legal federation for cross-border traders, attended by 11 representatives from various cooperatives and associations.

MIFOTRA and MINICOM attended the conference, where the federation aims to promote knowledge and capacity building among traders and address ecosystem issues.

Cross-border traders have highlighted that their lack of legal status hinders their access to foreign markets and their connections with other actors in neighboring countries.

Misunderstandings about foreign markets led to irrelevance in exports, as mine traders exported goods not needed by foreign markets.

Jane Mbabazi expressed that they struggle to access legal assistance in cases of injustice due to the absence of accreditations.

“I was once arrested and nobody could speak for me. Many of us encounter abduction in foreign countries and goods are eventually boycotted.”She said.

Fidel Kanyamahoro, the head of the ACTR association, acknowledges that the absence of legal status can lead to unavoidable losses.

He explained that delays happened to secure the legal status caused by the fact that the members of the association have different personalities.

The ACTR members include; individuals, trade unions, cooperatives and commercial associations.

“We released that we have a commercial personality, we employ and seek profit. Our domain definition is clear, we are cross-border traders but we were required to seek a recommendation from MIFOTRA before applying for the legal status as a federation.”

Leon Pierre Rusanganwa, Health Program Coordinator at PSF, stated that the federation will assist ACTR in fulfilling eligibility requirements for legal status.

“Upon receiving the status, they will be able to address the root issues and we will also aid in establishing a robust organizational structure.” He said.

PSF recommends ACTR to establish a data storage facility for members, an ECD center for children, and enhance the quality and quantity of their commodities.

Fidel Kanyamahoro, the head of the ACTR association
Leon Pierre Rusanganwa, Health Program Coordinator at PSF




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