President Kagame chaired a high command council

President Kagame chaired a high command council

On this Wednesday, President Kagame the Commander-in-Chief of the Rwanda Defence Force chaired a High Command Council attended by active and retired RDF senior officers, along with senior officers from the Rwanda National Police (RNP), the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB), and Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS).

It was attended by the Commander-in-Chief of the Rwandan Armed Forces, Lt Gen Mubarakh Muganga, the Minister of Defense, Juvenal Marizamunda and other Rwandan military and police officers.

The topics discussed in this meeting have not yet been released.

The Rwandan army is at the forefront of protecting the sovereignty of the Rwandan people and contributing to other activities that are beneficial to the people and aimed at their development.

Many times, President Kagame when has met with the senior leaders of the Rwandan Armed Forces, and he likes to encourage them to work together to fulfill their responsibilities, to stick to the decency and principles that characterize the RDF.

This meeting is held every year, and various resolutions are adopted. It is attended by officials including the Minister of Defense, the Commander-in-Chief of the Rwandan Armed Forces, the Chief of Defense, the Secretary in the Ministry of Defense, the heads of divisions, heads of military schools and hospitals and other senior officials in RDF.

The last meeting was in May 2022.





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