PM Ngirente challenges miners to boast production for achieving $1.5b trajectory.

PM Ngirente challenges miners to boast production for achieving $1.5b trajectory.

Prime minister Edouard Ngirente has urgued miners and other partners in the mining sector to increase efforts in production and mind-setting compliance in operations.

The underscores were highlighted during the “mining week ” that kicked off yesterday on December 4, in Kigali Convention Center  for connecting together people who are concerned with the mining sector in Rwanda.

Ngirente understood that the mining sector is a key contributor to the country’s economic development as the revenues from the industry increase each year. For instance, the recent data from Rwanda Mines Petroleium and Gas Board (RMB) revealed that in the first three quarters of the year, the mining sector fetched $851.6 million. Mines such as tin, tantalum, and tungsten (3Ts), gold, lithium, and gemstones saw 45.6 % increase that was generated from their export compare to the previous year.

Therefore, the Prime minister pledged a hands-on partnership and facilitation from the government to the sector for improvement and leveraging on the existing potentials in the mining sector.

” the government will continue to partner with several investors and the private sector in mining. We will critically intervene in conducting investigative researches for detection of mines whereabouts and their volume so that they can be extracted”. Said the prime minister.

According to RMB’s CEO, Amb. Yamina Karitanyi, the sector is putting efforts in assuring compliance, safety and environment friendship to drive positive impact on miners and the country in general.

For that,  reports pointed that due to illegal mining activities that is still found in the country, at least 429 people have died and other 272 others were injured over the past five years.

” As we celebrate mining contribution throughout this week, we will bear in mind that we should operate with  compliance and protect workers in mining sites and the communities around the mining site.” She said adding that the sector plans to keep sharing revenues with the communities to amplify its impact on the socio-economic development.

For example, RMB recently announces about Rwf2 billion revenues shared to communities where schools, roads, electricity lines were provided to communities living near the mining sites.

Nonetheless, investors in mining sector pointed that the financial institutions such as bank have not yet established the loans for mining sector which is reversing their ambitions.

“When you want to borrow money for investing in mining, you have to say that you are going to constract not extract. There’s still the thing of mistrust to mining” . Said Amiel Mpendahende, a miner.

According to the National Strategy for Transformation (NST1) mining industry is expected to generate $1.5 billion by 2024.

Elie Mutangana

Elie Mutangana

Elie Mutangana is a Rwandan journalist covering various topics including Politics, Social affairs and Business.

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