Over 8000 students graduate at University of Rwanda

Over 8000 students graduate at University of Rwanda

University of Rwanda is celebrating the 9th momentous graduation ceremony to take place on Friday, November 17, in Musanze district.

The University announced that the special event will see 8, 321 students who will be awarded a range of degrees from Diploma up to PHD and mark another testement to academic achievement and the pursuit of knowledge.

Among the 8, 321 graduates, 221 will graduate with Diploma, while 7,435 will be conferred with advanced diplomas and Bachelor’s degrees. Besides 627 graduating students will be conferred with postgraduate certificates diploma and master’s degree.

In addition, there are 35 graduates who will be conferred with doctorial degrees.

At college level, the College of Education (CE) boasts the highest number of graduating students with 3,471. It followed by the College of Medicine and Health Science (CMHS) with 1,361 students. The college of science and technology comes third with with 1,323 while 1,080 students are from the College of Business and Economics (CBE).

 The college of Agriculture, Animal Science and veterinary Medicine (CAVM) and College of Arts and Social Science (CASS) have 550 and 416 respectively.

Specifically, the University will award degrees to to 127 international students from 20 countries, namely Cameroon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, DRC, Malawi, Burundi, China, Mali, Namibia, Peru, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

” This is again another occasion to celebrate success and hard work from students and stuff who demonstrated their utmost commitment along the learning and teaching journey ” said the University in statement.

Some students who spoke to Rwanda Sun expressed their excitement and commended themselves for their great achievement. They are gearing up to utilize the knowledge in their living communities.

” I am super excited for this special day that I have highly anticipated for a long time. I am now traveling from Huye to Musanze to celebrate it with my close people “, said Gilbert Twizerimana, a graduating students.

Irrespective of the long travel from her home to Musanze Redempta Uwihirwe also revealed that she couldn’t miss the day that she can never see again in her entire life.

“This a thing that comes once and can never come back to me. Every child dreams of it. My mother is very excited to accompany me”. She said.

 Musanze to reap from hosting.

The northern province capital, Musanze is going to glance the ceremony at the first time. The city commonly known for being the Rwanda’s tourism hub will host the event at its main stadium, Ubworoherane.

The business in the city are happily anticipating to experience many clients given that students and their company will take everything, including service in city amid the ceremony.

Also known for having high-level hospitality credit, the visitors are undoubtedly awaiting to receive good services from the city, a thing business owners call “luck”.

On the phone interview, restaurant owner, Jeremiah Habiyaremye who spoke to Rwanda Sun pledged his readiness to warmly receive the new visitors in good hands and and offer efficient service.

” We are expecting to have many customers coming to take their lunch and dinner here. We started even receiving some of them yesterday. They came earlier either to book their accomodations. My waiters and waitresses are smilingly read to treat them like kings”. He said adding that they have advanced the level of quality service provision.

He added that it is general opportunity for graduates to see a lot of opportunities around the thriving city that they can leverage on for their endeavors.

” I hope the students will find it suitable to grab the ranges of opportunities offered by this place. They shouldn’t think they need to stay in capital Kigali for employment. This place has a variety of opportunities especially for those who went to school and know what to do”. He recounted.

Musanze is hosting the graduation ceremony while it has been hosting other national momentous events, such as Gorilla naming ceremony “Kwita Izina” and many more events. It also known for possessing classy hotel dedicated to accommodating visitors who largely come to visit the majestic mountain gorillas.


Elie Mutangana

Elie Mutangana

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