New envoys present credentilas to president Kagame

New envoys present credentilas to president Kagame

President Paul Kagame, on Wednesday, October 18, received letters of credence from seven new envoys to Rwanda and discussed areas of priority in strengthening bilateral relations.

The new envoys are from Botswana, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Malaysia, United States, Tanzania, and Spain

Ambassador Joan Jacobje Jantina Wiegman – Netherlands

She said that she had a conversation with President Kagambe about the relationship between the two countries with a very extensive development progamme that ends in 2023, while there are still a couple of other areas of cooperation.

“We will focus on green economic cooperation and private sector development which fits perfectly into Rwanda’s transformation agenda. We will still work in traditional sectors like agriculture, water, and infrastructure where we already have cooperation in some projects,” she added.

Amb. Eric William Kneedler – United States

The United States and Rwanda have enjoyed people-to-people relations over the past 60 years, Kneedler noted, saying that more Americans travel to Rwanda and there is a significant number of Rwandan students studying in the US.

“I would also like to spend time working on expanding economic and commercial linkages, we have a new American Chamber of Commerce with great initiatives, and also as a development partner, we look forward to ensuring that everything is fully synced to Rwanda’s National Strategy of Transformation.”

Amb. Ruzaimi bin Mohamad – Malaysia

Mohamad said: “As Malaysia, we were badly affected and we are currently focusing on exporting our products like palm oil and manufactured goods. I believe both Malaysia and Rwanda will benefit from trade ties.”

Amb. Nicol Adamcová – Czech Republic

After the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, bilateral relations have grown stronger drawing from mutual trust and confidence, said Adamcová.

The Czech Republic and Rwanda enjoy cooperation in health sector, advanced space technologies, research and innovation, and trade, as well as in defence and security.

Amb. Andrew Onalenna Sesinyi – Bostwana

The Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation is an instrument that Sesinyi seeks to leverage in terms of coordinating projects that mutually benefit the people of both countries.

He said that Rwanda continues to set an example of good governance, democracy, and planning, not as a doer but as a pacesetter nation. He added that both countries will be collaborating in the agriculture field.

Amb. Jorge Moragas Sánchez –Spain

He said that he looks forward to strengthen the existing good relation between Spain and Rwanda which is currently below its potential.

Going forward, he mentioned that there will be developments on a new irrigation project in Kayonza District that is expected to cost $28 million to improve the agriculture sector in Rwanda.

Besides that, there are different Spanish companies seeking to make investments in energy and mining sectors.





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