Museveni says hunting down killers of honeymoon couple

Museveni says hunting down killers of honeymoon couple

The President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, said hunting the ADF who killed a honeymooning couple and their guide on safari in the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Queen Elizabeth Park shares a border with DRC and its renowned Virunga National Park, a habitat for rare mountain gorillas, and where armed groups are believed to operate.

President Yoweri Museveni condemned what he describe as a “cowardly act” and vowed the ADF will pay with their lives.

The dead were a husband and wife from England and the Ugandan driver who was driving them. The tourists had gone to Uganda to enjoy their honeymoon.

They were killed in an ambush by armed men around 6:00 pm on Tuesday.

President Museveni released a message of condolence to the families of the victims, revealing that the attack was carried out by the ADF group.

The terrorist group is known to work with other extremists Islamic such as ISIS. The Ugandan army has been hunting this group for some time in collaboration with the Congolese army.

Museveni said, “It was a cowardly act on the part of the terrorists attacking innocent civilians and tragic for the couple who were newlyweds and visiting Uganda on their honeymoon. Of course, these terrorists will pay with their own wretched lives.”

He continued, ” However, killing these wretched individuals will not bring back the lives of these wonderful friends of Uganda who had chosen our country for their honeymoon out of the 193 Countries of the world. Our High Commission in the UK will reach out to their families and provide whatever support is necessary in this tragic situation.

He also assured that the terrorists will be defeated like Kony was defeated and the cattle rustlers that have been killing people in Karamoja and the surrounding districts or those that were cutting People with pangas (bijambiya) in Masaka.

The last such attack was in June this year when the ADF attacked the Lhubiriha Secondary School in Western Uganda, over 40 students were killed and burned.





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