Mukura at home humiliates Kiyovu Sports

Mukura at home humiliates Kiyovu Sports

Mukura VS taken on the staggering Kiyovu Sports 4-1 in the match day 13 of the Rwanda Primus National League, on this Tuesday, December 6 at Huye international stadium.

The Kiyovu Sports FC had good starting and entered well in the game with good pass accuracy in the middle of the field. Mugunga Yves came to surprise Mukura’s goalkeeper when he released a long hot shot but unfortunately went over the side.

On the 24th minute, Kiyovu Sports found a method that immediately produced results where Mugunga Yves saw the ball enter the net and Aimable Ntarindwa was going to strip it but the referee immediately gave a penalty.

It was then thrown by Richard Kilongozi and he shot it into the defense for the 1st goal.

On the 43rd minute, Mukura VSL scored the first goal scored by Jean Marie Vianney Muvandimwe for a good shot that he released Kiyovu Sports goalkeeper, Djihad Nzeyirwanda did not know what happened.

Both teams went into the break tied 1-1.

In the second half, the Mukura VS team continued to play as well as in the first half, on the 53rd, Mukura VS got the 2nd goal from a corner shot by Elie Tatou Iradukunda, but the goalkeeper of Kiyovu Sports failed to clear the ball.

The players of Kiyovu Sports started to play and you can see they were frustrated which is why on the 65th Mukura VS scored the 3rd goal scored by Mohammed Sylla due to defensive mistakes by Eric and the goalkeeper Djihad Nzeyirwanda.

Mukura VS got the 4th goal scored by Samuel Pupong in the 87th minute as assisted by Christophe Bukuru.

The regular 90 minutes of the game ended with one goal for Kiyovu Sports to four for Mukura.

Mukura VSL moved to 7th place, with 20 points, while Kiyovu Sports moved to 9th place on table.



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