Mobilizing right resources for STEM studies inspire Youth pursue it

Mobilizing right resources for STEM studies inspire Youth pursue it

Actors in Rwanda’s education sector highlight that provision of right resources including science kits and training science and mathematics teachers can encourage young students to find interests in picking STEM as an option for building their carriers that can bring changes to country’s economy.

It is due to the fact that students used to fear these subjects, but sometimes the hesitations could be on account of lack of kits and skilled teachers to soften and display the subjects with familiarity with the people’s life.

So, lack of all that consecutively made students have no access to participate in scientific experiments that complement to the theories of the subjects.

Critical partners in Rwanda education landscape have been bringing in place mechanism to fix those challenges that have been reversing the development of education in Rwanda

For example, African Institute of Mathematical sciences(AIMS) have been conducting initiatives for uplifting the participation of students in science and mathematics subjects. As an instance, AIMS provided science kits to Groupe Scolaire Amahoro Anglican, in Rubavu on November, 28.

One of the students in Rubavu said that empowering teachers has inspired them to pursue STEM fields.

“Seeing our teachers, especially female inspire us. The impact is so transformative in us. It fuels our aspirations to to pursue STEM subjects upon completion of our O’ level”. The students said.

Nzamwitakuze Valerie, headteacher of the G.S Anglican Amahoro gave her appreciation for the science kits to Rwanda’s STEM future.

“Not only will the students acquire practical lessons but this will help further teachers’ careers as opinion leaders.” said Nzamwitakuze.

“The Science kits are just tools, they are instruments to improve students’ accessibility to practical activities and hence improve their performance and engagement in science subjects”. Said Sam Yala, on 28th November while handing over science kits to G.S Amahoro Anglican.

He added that empowering educators aims to empower the youth to participate in sciences.

Among the AIMS pillar stereotypes in science pursuit and building inclusive participation. The outcomes have shown the rates of girls’ participation in STEM have grown compared to previous decades.

AIMS also trained over 7000 science teachers in service as well as providing the science kits to other schools in 14 districts it operated in. Not only teachers but also other educational worker at different level including, sector and district.

“Our efforts will benefit those who need them the most. We understand the importance of empowering educators.”

Director General of the Rwanda Basic Board, Dr Nelson Mbarushimana said that students demonstrate aspirations of becoming good teachers in the future.

” And the kits we provide increase the quality of education through equipping teachers with practical knowledge. We anticipate that these kits inspire teachers and students to bring science alive in the classroom.” Said Mbarushimana.

According to Camille Kanamugire, Director in charge of Mathematics and sciences at National Examination and School Inspection Authority,( NESSA) putting efforts in advancing STEM field will contribute to Rwanda’s ambitions of becoming the hub of industries, Technology and health care.

” Nurturing STEM enthusiasts and professional will he in our country’s development. Their demand is very potential. There are many areas including Technology, industries and health facilities that are applicable for STEM enthusiasts. Meanwhile, there are a lot of jobs to occupy the students who are pursuing STEM.” Said Kanamugire.
G.S Anglican Amahoro, students demonstrated their understanding of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology through a collection of experiments

Prof. Dr. Sam Yala, AIMS Network President
Vice Mayor in charge of social affairs of Rubavu, Ishimwe Pacifique, shared her appreciation for the effort by AIMS Rwanda





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