Minister Nsanzimana warns the public against harmful smart phone addiction

Minister Nsanzimana warns the public against harmful smart phone addiction

Rwanda’s Health Minister, Sabin Nsanzimana has warned that Harmful addiction to cell phones and computers while reading or texting increase head and neck pain (up to 6 times) induced by prolonged neck flexion (the movement of lowering your chin down to your chest). The addition is also inducing an epidemic of ” text neck syndrome”.

With a shared study article published by Springer Link on October 27, the sample of 16,602 office workers who were using smart phone for prolonged period of four years participated in the study, their results discovered that 31 % of those workers had neck pain. Female are significantly affected with 33.3% compared to male with 24.5%. Smart phone overuse ( SO) was diagnosed in among 31% and 33 % of male and female participats, respectively.

The aim of the study was to investigate the extent of smartphone use, possible correlation with neck pain and psychological impairment in office workers.

It concludes that smart phone overuse in office workers significantly increases the chance of the neck pain by 6 times, hence causing psychological distress such as anxiety, stress and depression.

Minister also on his X (formerly Twitter) account, shared and taught about the correct pasture of holding a smart phone, computer while texting or reading to avoid the potential risks of head and neck pain.

” While using smart phone or computer, you should sit or stand straight to avoid harming the neck bones and the backbone” he shared.

Minister Dr Sabin Nsanzimana




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