Minister Dr. Utumatwishima meets Bushali

Minister Dr. Utumatwishima meets Bushali

The Minister of Youth and Arts Development, Dr. Jean Nepo Abdallah Utumatwishima met Rapper Bushali, who is one of the most popular artists in Rwanda.

The meeting between Minister Dr. Utumatwishima and Bushali took place after the last words published by this rapper.

When he attended Yago Pon Dat’s concert at Camp Kigali on December 22, 2023, Bushali was asked by journalists if he knew that Minister Dr. Jean Nepo Abdallah Utumatwishima was among the attendees, and he replied that he did not know.

At that time, Bushali said, “I didn’t know that. Maybe I am greeting my father. and I need the advice of fathers who know more than us in many things.”

Minister Dr. Utumatwishima, who had seen this conversation, agreed to Bushali’s request and invited him to his office to get to know each other.

On Friday, January 12, 2024, Bushali visited Minister Dr. Utumatwishima in his office and had time to talk with him and other employees of the Ministry.

Bushali said that during their conversation, he first told Minister Dr. Utumatwishima that he did not know him, but he was happy that the incident brought them together.

Minister Dr. Utumatwishima told Bushali that he was already a fan of his music and was happy to see him at Yago’s concert.

Minister Dr. Utumatwishima praised Bushali and told him that they support his work in music and that they are ready to help and support him.

The Ministry of Youth and Arts Development will help him find a place to release his new album, which has started to release some of its songs.

Bushali with Minister Dr. Utumatwishima





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