Minister Biruta responds to criticism over UK-Rwanda migrants treaty

Minister Biruta responds to criticism over UK-Rwanda migrants treaty

Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Vincent Biruta has said that  those who criticize Rwanda on its UK-Rwanda migrants treaty should bring up the alternatives to the solutions that Rwanda is proposing.

The minister made the emphasizes along with the UK’s Home Secretary, James Cleverly yesterday on December 5, during the press conference, upon the signing of new treaty on Migration and Economic Development Partnership (MEDP).

Biruta said that Rwanda was unfairly treated by different international organizations, some media and courts on its commitment to solving refugees problem that is getting an exponential surge around the world. He pointed out that some countries and organisations are reluctantly not addressing the root causes that make people refugees, and indeed blame countries such as Rwanda that are signaling commitment and willingness to giving safe shelters for refugees amid the conflicts around the world.

“We believe that we are doing the right thing to contribute to the solution of the global migration crisis. We have refugees in this country from all over the world, like from Afghanistan, Sudan and from the region. We believe that it’s a good thing to receive these refugees “.

On the side of UK, the Home Secretary, Cleverly also acknowledged that his country face different criticism but he stressed that UK will increase more effort to solve this international migration issues on behalf of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), other concerning organizations and the refugees and migrants themselves.

” The UK and Rwanda are working on this because it is important and not because it necessarily easy, cheap or quick. We did this despite of the fact that it is difficult and sensitive. If we don’t address the issues, people who will be living with us will be people’s smugglers, slave traders, criminal gunners and will have extremist voices.We always take advantage of solving human difficulties and hardships”. Cleverly said.

He commends Rwanda for stepping forward to be a thoughtful and careful partner in solving the incredibly difficult international issues.

“Rwanda deserves support in doing this and I am not happy and comfortable with the tone and volume of criticisms directed to Rwanda for having a step forward and to try be part of the solution “. He added.


Elie Mutangana

Elie Mutangana

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