Meet Khire, the Rwandan music’s next big thing- VIDEO

Meet Khire, the Rwandan music’s next big thing- VIDEO

Rwandan singer-songwriter Khire’s journey into music was set into motion years before even he realized it. Just a few months in the music industry, his impact can not be ignored. Rwanda Sun is proud to hook up with Khire.

Relatively new to the industry, it is his talent, his passion and his determination to make him mark that caught the attention of many.

Khire is of the generation that had a blueprint for worldwide success as young Rwandan artists making a new kind of music.

His voice is distinct and unmistakable — deep and rich with a range that is as smooth as it is powerful. The texture of her vocal tone is a striking contrast from the expected soft, high-pitched singing standard for young pop acts.

On its own, Khire’s voice is a cardinal characteristic of what sets her artistic identity apart from others.

He covering songs by other artists before deciding to pen and post his own orginal song in February 2023.

“The love and passion I have for music, knowing I’m part of something great and positive. When my songs move people, it amazes me in a wonderful way and pushes me to do better.” Khire

This young man who was born in Rwamagana District in the Eastern Province of Rwanda, has released two songs including ‘Dembele’ which he started and ‘Banana’ which he released recently.

The two tracks reveals Khire’s exceptional songwriting skills and his beautiful vocal flow.

Mike Kirenga’s passion and dedication to his craft is evident in his music. With “Banana,” Khire has solidified his position as a rising star in the Rwandan music scene.

Looking towards the future, Khire is intentional about collaborations and plans to diversify his music by getting into more spaces.

“The best is yet to come. We are here to change the music industry in Rwanda and take it to a higher level” Khire said.

Khire sings in various genres including RnB, Pop and Kizomba. His latest single ‘Banana’, the audio produced by TellDhem and mixed by Bob Pro and the video directed by Mike Gihango.





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