Mako Sharks Swimming league comes to an end

Mako Sharks Swimming league comes to an end

The Mako Sharks Swimming Club’s swimming competition, called ‘Mako Sharks Swimming League’, is coming to an end this weekend.

In the month of March this year, the first day of the Mako Sharks Swimming League was held, while the second was held on the 1st of July when only local teams participated.

At the end of this week, October 21-22, 2023, at Green Hills Academy in Nyarutarama, the last day of the tournament is scheduled to be played.

After the last day’s matches, the players who performed well in the previous rounds will be rewarded.

The seven teams that will participate in the final day are: Kwetu Kivu (Rwanda), CSK (Rwanda), Mako Sharks (Rwanda), Rwesero (Rwanda), H&C Hertz (Uganda), The Starlings (Uganda) and Silverfin Swimming Academy (Uganda).





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