M23 rebels captures several Burundian soldiers

M23 rebels captures several Burundian soldiers

The M23 rebels group in Eastern of DR Congo said it has taken several Burundian soldiers in the ongoing fighting between them and the Congolese army, FDLR, Mercenaries and Wazalendo.

It is not known if the arrested Burundians were sent to help Congo Kinshasa or if they are part of the East African army.

Political spokesperson for M23, Lawrence Kanyuka said that they took a lot of weapons and military equipment, the Congo Kinshasa army abandoned and fled.

He said, “And we arrested the Burundian soldiers who were in the plan to kill the people. M23 will provide more details.”

In the early hours of Sunday, M23 said it was attacked by Congolese forces and their allies, including the FDLR, white mercenaries and Wazalendo groups.

The attack was carried out in different places in the suburbs of Kitchanga, Masisi, Bwiza, and Kwitabi.

M23 rebels captured Nyakabingu, Kabalekasha, Kashagari, Rujebeshe, Antena Nyamitaba and took control of Burungu, Masisi.

The fighting intensified again after that on Friday last week, the Congolese army, FARDC and UN forces, MONUSCO decided to cooperate in military operations called Operation Springbok aimed at protecting the city of Goma and the area of ​​Sake in Masisi from being taken over by M23 rebels.

The civilian population was threatened this morning by heavy bombardment by FARDC, FDLR, Mercenaries and Wazalendo who were shooting in Kibumba, Buhumba and elsewhere in Nyiragongo territory.





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