Luis Díaz’s father freed by Colombian guerrillas

Luis Díaz’s father freed by Colombian guerrillas

Luis Manuel Díaz, Father of Luis Díaz who plays for Liverpool FC, has been released after 12 days, he was kidnapped by the Colombian National Liberation Army (ELN).

On October 28, 2023, the parents of Luis Díaz, his father, Luis Manuel Díaz and his mother Cilenis Marulanda, were kidnapped by armed men in Colombia.

His mother was immediatly released and the rebels left his father. At that time, the Colombian government appointed more than 120 security guards to search him.

Many people sent messages to Luis Díaz to support him and show that they are behind him in this difficult time.

At that time, he was first given a period of rest without playing, but later he returned to the team.

In Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Luton Town last week, Luis Díaz scored a goal and showed his shirt to display a message calling for his father’s release.

Luis Díaz is one of the key players for Liverpool and the Colombian National Team and one of the most popular players in his country.





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