KosmoPads help women and the environment

KosmoPads help women and the environment

Due to social stigma and taboos around menstruation, some women and girls in Rwanda miss work or school because they can’t afford to buy menstrual pads.

Figures from the National Institute of Statistics in Rwanda show that out of 13 million people living in the country, Rwandan women are 51.5%. Not everyone of them gets 1000 Frw or 1200 Frw of monthly pads.

To adress the issue of individuals who could not afford to purchase pads on a monthly basis, Kosmotive Rwanda introduced KosmoPads.

KosmoPads are reusable sanitary pad, 100% cloth made in Rwanda, an affordable and environment-friendly.

The design is a reusable pad with snaps on its wings that hold it closely on an underwear, providing about 8-hours of use with a 4-hour drying period after washing.

If the girl utilises these pads, she won’t skip school during her period, which will help her study more effectively.

The founder’s chose to work hard to protect other girls from the same discouraging experiences she had.

“If we stop raising our voices about this issue, the number of school dropouts will increase.”Kosmotive said

KosmoPads it is antibacterial, anti-allergic, breathable, natural deodorant and good  water absorbent effect.

“After our pads’ 2 years lifecycle, we request users to put used KosmoPads together from a point where we will be collecting them, give them new ones on a lower cost than the first one, and recycle those used ones into other materials that will be usable, to keep our aspect of saving the environment.” Kosmotive Rwanda said.

Abijuru Leontine from Muhanga district, said that most of the women in the community don’t always have 1000Rwf to spare for sanitary pads.

“The first time I heard about these reusable pads I was very happy because for a long time I used cloths for my menstrual cycle days and not plastic pads bought from the store.” Abijuru shared.

“KosmoPads will helps mothers and their young daughters adapt good hygiene and sanitation to protect their health.” expressed Nyirangaruye.

KosmoPads are on the market from 2000Frw, 2500Frw, 3000Frw and 6000Frw.

These pads are environmentally friendly
Artist Senderi in the campaign of KosmoPads in Muhanga





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