Kiss Summer Awards and Trace Awards join forces

Kiss Summer Awards and Trace Awards join forces

The Kiss Summer Awards are organized to recognize the best musicians in the summer of each year. This year it will not be presented as usual, as it has been join forces with the Trace Awards 2023.

Artists and songs are paid from August of the previous year to August of the current year. As in 2022, rewards will be given to those who perform well between August 2021 and August 2022.

At that time, the award ceremony for the fifth time was held on October 30, 2022. Last year, these awards were contested in seven categories including Best Artist, Best Song, Best New Artist, Best Producer, Best Female Artist, Best Album and Life Time Achievement.

Kiss Fm has already joined the sponsors of the Trace Awards organized by Trace Africa, where at different times they will host guest speakers and others.

The director of Kiss FM, Lee Ndayisaba announced that this year the Kiss Summer Awards will not be held as usual because they have decided to join forces with the Trace Awards.

He said, “We decided to partner with Trace Awards this year in the same line as the Kiss Summer Awards, which is to show our contribution as Kiss FM in the promotion of Rwandan artistes.”

Lee Ndayisaba went on to say that Kiss Fm will announce the best Rwandan artist in the Best Artist-Rwanda category at the Trace Awards.

It is the first time that a category of artists in Rwanda was included in the Trace Awards. It was due to the fact that these awards are going to be launched in Rwanda.

This category includes Bruce Melodie, Kenny Sol, Ariel Way, Beauty and Chriss Eazy. “We will announce the best artist in this category,” said Lee Ndayisa.





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