Kigali ranks the most entrepreneurial city in Africa

Kigali ranks the most entrepreneurial city in Africa

Rwanda’s capital Kigali has been ranked as the most entrepreneurial city in Africa with the highest proportion of business founders on the continent and 78th worldwide.

Kigali has came out as the most entrepreneurial location for business founders on the continent, According to a new study by OnDeck.

OnDeck said it delved into LinkedIn’s data to discover the locations all over the globe that have the highest proportions of business founders per 10,000 workers. Therefore, the results found that Kigali has over 116 founders per 10,000 people, surpassing other Africa cities.

Kigali followed by Abuja with 111.1 founders, Kampala 106 4, Capetown 103.4 and the fifth is Nairobi with 97.0 founders per 10, 000 people.

Globally, the study shows that eight of the top 20 most entrepreneurial cities in the world are in the United States, with Fransisco city taking the overall lead. There are other typical powerhouses in the world’s business like London, New York and Berlin that appear in the ranking of the most entrepreneurial cities.

The study explored sorts of reasons why someone might start their own business and to find if entrepreneurship might be something someone is keenly wired for in a certain location. Consequently, the study could determine the locations that are more entrepreneurial than others.

To find the proportion of workers within each location who are business founders, the study repeated the search on LinkedIn by searching for job title “founder”. Then it could rank locations by number of business founders profiles per 10k LinkedIn users overall.

Specially, Rwanda was recognized as the home of Norrsken Foundation’s startup hub that President Paul Kagame inaugurated recently in November to contribute to the local and regional growing startup ecosystem.

Interestingly, the study commended Rwanda for its reputation of having a female-majority in parliament and empowering women in all sectors of life including entrepreneurship.

For that, initiatives such as Becoming Nala, a sisterhood platform for empowering female entrepreneurs in Rwanda, was recognized for contributing to inclusive promotion of entrepreneurship in the country.

However, there is still a way to go to promote female entrepreneurship as the researches show that only 17% of small business in Rwanda are owned by women.

Kigali ranks the most entrepreneurial city in Africa surpassing other African cities
Elie Mutangana

Elie Mutangana

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