Kagame advises Arsenal coach

Kagame advises Arsenal coach

President of republic of Rwanda Paul Kagame, who is a big fan of the English team Arsenal, advised its coach Mikel Arteta.

President Paul Kagame said this on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, when he talked to the youth working at ‘Norsken Kigali House’ who asked him about the investment and development journey that Rwanda is currently involved in and the activities of ‘technology’.

When this interview was over, Shami Elodie, who was the moderator asked him if he could give him the opportunity to ask him some of the simple questions that people think about him, the President immediately allowed him.

Among the students’ questions, there is a question that says which is his favorite kinyarwanda proverb (umugani).

President Kagame replied that he likes the saying proverb calls “Uwanze kubwirwa ntiyanze no kubona.”

President Kagame in opening official ceremony of the Norrsken House Kigali

At this point, President Kagame explained why he likes this proverb and explain that we should listen carefully and always think about the consequences of mistakes.

It improves people’s ability to think broadly, consider the consequences of doing wrong things and make them work in a way to keep doing the best they can.

It’s time for a question about a meeting with the Coach of Arsenal as a team he already loves, he said “First of all he is a good coach and he is working well with the team, but everyone who is doing well the next time that person wants to do better, there is always a desire to do better the best in what you are doing. My advice is to continue in that way.”

Mikel Arteta’s head coach of Arsenal Team

The Arsenal team which is in 4th place in premier league this Wednesday has a game tonight in the UEFA Champions League against Sevilla.



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