Insight on “Icyarabu” a thriving place which is changing the image of Huye city

Insight on “Icyarabu” a thriving place which is changing the image of Huye city

In “cyarabu” or “Mu cyarabu ” is an economic region located in the center of Huye City that is undergoing transformation because of the renovation of buildings and building new ones.

Since 2007, people use to point out that Huye city, formerly known as Butare was lagging behind in development due to slow construction of Infrastructures including new modern building compared to other cities in Rwanda. Some places including Icyarabu was characterized by old-fashioned houses that were mainly built by Arabic settlers from Oman who settled there for business during the colonial times.

Since 2013, the leadership of Huye District collaborated with other government bodies and the private sector in programs to call for investment aimed to renovate the old houses in Huye city.

In beginning , some of those houses were given to investors to renovate them for business.Plots were also given investors for construction of new buildings.

As instance, in 2020, the former Minister of Infrastructures, Amb.Claver Gatete visited Huye and urged owners of the plots to build in new buildings, either sell them to ready investors.

Since then until the year of 2020, there’s a total change of image of Huye especially in Cyarabu. The perception has changed and the place is becoming busy again because of the mushrooming businesses in the place

Currently, there are beautiful shopping malls, plazas, restaurants and residential along the road from Huye center Market to IPRC Huye’s premise.

Business owners can themselves witness the transformation of the place due the development which is taking place.

For example, Amos Sibomana, an airtime and Momo agent who arrived in the place in 2021, said there are visible changes in the place which have eventually influenced them to choose the location for business.The place now looks good and the traffic of people is back like it used before.

“I arrived here (Cyarabu) in 2021. There is obvious development here . As you can see, new houses are being built, and old ones are being renovated…We are working in suitable place,” Sibomana told Rwanda Sun.

A restaurants owner expressed excitement about working in beautiful building. The restaurants are now getting clients mainly from Huye Complex Market.

” I receive clients from the market who came to take food at my Canteen.” Said Ritha Uwimana.

Similarly to Mudaheranwa, the place suit for trading.He said he started with a Canteen but following the transformation of Cyarabu, his business grew to a Resto-Bar. He now serves fast food and as well as drinks.

“I started working in Cyarabu in 2019. I was working in the canteen, but now I am working in the kitchen making special omelets… The number of customers have boasted more than before.” Mudaheranwa told Rwanda Sun.

However, despite of the strides, there are still plots in cyarabu waiting for construction.

According to Huye District Mayor Ange Sebutege there are possibilities to turn the image of Huye, by focusing on renovating the places such Cyarabu for making it a developed area.

With the partnership between the district and the Private Sector Federation in Huye (PSF Huye), there have been integration in in putting in place projects aimed to call for investment in infrastructures.

“We have a close partnership with PSF where we show them opportunities to be leveraged. We engage them in projects planning and implementation.” Mayor Sebutege told Rwanda Sun.

He outlined different projects that have been accomplished in Cyarabu area. For example, more than seven different business projects have been built, including the IPRC Learning Center, Ingenzi Market, Polyclinic and many others of which each project valued at Rwf800 Million. He emphasizes that the future holds other projects that are going to start.

Responding to some plots that are yet built, Sebutege answered that the district will continue to put efforts in encouraging the private investors to utilize the plots, using the existing to collaboration with PSF.

Notably, the Mayor attribute several accomplishments to the leadership of President Paul Kagame. His Third mandate as the President of Rwanda has left different places of the country including Huye city blossoming and thriving.

With the president’s leadership, the district is proud of the projects that have been completed primarily by ensuring and maintaining security of residents.

Meanwhile, new roads networks have been constructed and clean water has been distributed. As a result, about four sectors in the district have access to water at a rate of 100%.

Moreover, among other things that have been done so far include revamping Huye International Stadium to promote sports and other related activities.In governance, local leaders at the cell level were given motorbikes to facilitate then in serving.

Following the effects of the Covid-19 to business, the district have supported private business owners to come back to business and Furthermore, the district is putting critical attention on Agriculture and livestock to boast production and cut food insecurity.



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