Gerayo Amahoro improves road security in Rwanda

Gerayo Amahoro improves road security in Rwanda

Road safety is for all. Millions of lives worldwide are impacted by road safety issues. Around the world, governments and law enforcement organizations regularly participate in initiatives to encourage responsible and safe driving.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) global status report on road safety 2023, at least 1.19 million people die on roads annually.

It adds that road crashes remain a persistent global health crisis, with pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users facing an acute and rising risk of death.

In Rwanda, despite the reduction in road accidents, about 700 people died on roads, last year, the majority pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists.

Gerayo Amahoro

Rwanda’s mindset change initiatives are led by the Rwanda National Police (RNP) all-out campaign–Gerayo Amahoro–Arrive safely–to guarantee the safety of all road users.

This article examines the importance of Gerayo Amahoro and how crucial it is to encourage safe driving behavior, responsive use of road and to make road safety a choice and culture.

Preventing Accidents and Saving Lives

The campaign primarily aims to prevent accidents and save lives. Through increased visibility and enforcement, the campaign focuses on deterring reckless behavior on the roads. Frequent patrols, sobriety checkpoints, and stringent traffic regulations contribute to curbing speeding, drunken driving, driving while using a phone and other dangerous practices on road.

Education and Awareness

Gerayo Amahoro extends beyond enforcement to education and awareness. The campaign also goes beyond promoting responsible road usage behavior by actively engaging the community through comprehensive educational initiatives.

These efforts include organizing street quizzes, highway and community events, outreach programmes in various institutions such as churches, schools; markets, bus terminals and both government and private entities.

The programme also shows how pedestrians may contribute to road safety by following traffic guidelines such as using designated crossing areas, maintaining eye contact, observing traffic signals, avoiding mobile phones while crossing, caution at intersections, and using pedestrian bridges or tunnels.

These practices help pedestrians make informed decisions, respond promptly to hazards, and maintain order on roads.

Targeting High-Risk Behaviors

The campaign strategically targets high-risk behaviors such as distracted driving, seatbelt non-compliance, and impaired driving. By addressing these specific issues, Gerayo Amahoro aims to reduce the likelihood of accidents and minimize the severity of injuries when accidents do occur.

Traffic Infrastructure and Design

The RNP collaborates with urban planners and policymakers to enhance traffic infrastructure and design. Measures such as speed bumps, traffic signals, and pedestrian crossings are implemented, contributing to creating safer road environments for all users as part of Gerayo Amahoro.

Public Compliance and Enforcement

Responsible road usage in Rwanda depends on public compliance with traffic regulations.

Gerayo Amahoro emphasizes the importance of adherence to traffic rules, employing visible policing and advanced technologies, such as surveillance cameras, to ensure consistent enforcement. This serves as a deterrent and encourages individuals to prioritize safety on the roads.

Emergency Response and Assistance

In addition to prevention and enforcement, Gerayo Amahoro underscores the importance of rapid emergency response and assistance in the event of accidents. Efficient emergency services contribute to reducing the impact of accidents and saving lives through prompt medical attention.


Rwanda’s Gerayo Amahoro initiative, is a multimodal strategy involving enforcement, education, and collaboration with stakeholders to promote responsible road usage in the country.

The initiative emphasizes the responsibility of individual road users for road safety, adhering to traffic laws, and staying informed about road safety. Gerayo Amahoro “Arrive Safely”.





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