Freed from alcoholism, Former MP Mbonimana thanks President Kagame

Freed from alcoholism, Former MP Mbonimana thanks President Kagame

Dr Gamariel Mbonimana, a former Member of Parliament in an open letter to President Kagame, he told him that he published a book based on the advice he gave him after he suffered from alcoholism.

Gamariel Mbonimana, who has been a legislator in the Lower Chamber of Deputies since 2018, tendered in his resignation which was received on Monday, November 14.

Mbonimana’s resignation from parliament came after President Kagame expressed concerns about a member of parliament repeatedly appearing in police reports for drunk driving.

The offender, who enjoyed immunity as a lawmaker, evaded legal consequences despite being found drunk driving on multiple occasions.

President Kagame emphasised that those in power should never use it to endanger their own lives or the lives of others.

Almost a year after his resignation, Mbonimana, release a book highlighting the detrimental effects of alcohol abuse.

His book titled ‘The Power of Keeping Sober’, which aims to discourage drug addiction and alcohol abuse, particularly among the youth.

He said, in an X post “Dear President of the Republic, I reminded you of my letter that I sent you on November 15, 2022 in which I apologized for driving drunk and told you that I have decided not to drink alcohol anymore.”

“Since that day, after analyzing the part of the interview you had with the Jeune Afrique in 2011 about what you like to drink and how you take alcohol, and your other advice to various communities, and on my testimony, I decided to write this book “The Power of Keeping Sober”. Mbonimana Said.

In this book, Gamariel also shows that the choice of what to drink can affect all areas of life, be it political, social or economic.

This book has been published and consists of five parts: My testimony, The legacy of the wisdom of the President of the Republic Paul Kagame, The message of the President of the Republic Paul Kagame to the youth, Clear Choices and Walking the Path of Discernment.

“In particular, Excellence President of the Republic, I thank you for your message to me because it was like the voice of God. I wish that your insight in what you do for the country will continue to be a light that shines for the current and future generations, and your advice will be the answers to the questions that the generations will ask themselves now and in the future.” Mbonimana added.

Former MP Dr Gamariel Mbonimana





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