Four reasons behind the failure of Davis D and B-Threy’s concert in Huye

Four reasons behind the failure of Davis D and B-Threy’s concert in Huye


On Sunday, December 3, in the Main Auditorium of the University of Rwanda, Huye Campus, it was expected that a concert entitled ‘University Connect Festival’, could happen but ended in vain.

The concert was organized by DaktBoom. The artists who were expected to perform in the concert were Davis D and rapper B Threy. There also other upcoming artists like Diez Dolla and Pamanento who were also expected to light up the campus.

The concert cancellations started to be forecasted earlier at 3pm on the day of concert when the doors had been opened and to continued until 11pm when no more than 20 people had entered the Main Auditorium.

The Rwandan Sun special reporter who was on the spot points four reasons why the concert was cancelled and why students weren’t willing to attend the concert.

1. Isango na Muzika Concert

Last Friday, December 1, the university’s main auditorium hosted the ‘Isango na Muzika Tour’ concert. The concert featured big artists including Tom Close and Bushali. You could say that the “University Connect Festival” lacked attendance because students had been so satisfied by Tom Close and Bushali that they couldn’t be interested in another concert.

 2. Inadequate campaigning

Since the show began to be announced at the beginning of November, it had not been widely publicized neither in Newspaper and nor on the radio.

One of the participants in the show said that the lack of attendance is attributed to the fact people outside the campus had not been notified on the concert so that they could have attended.

 3. Contradiction in ticket sales

The show was announced with an entrance fee of Rwf 3000 for an individual and 5000 Rwf for the couples.

As the final day of the concert approached, the saw reduction from 5000 to 2000 and from 3000 to 1500 for individual and couples respectively. Despite of the reduction, people still hesitated to attend.

People found at the Main Auditorium said to Rwanda Sun people who did want to buy tickets because they thought the concert would not happen due to the price fluctuations.The doubted on the probability of the concert to happen as it was not the first time to postponed due to different inconveniences.

4. The students don’t have interest in concert¬†

It seems like student’s especially at Huye campus are no longer having interests in entertainment and such events and most of the time they don’t have money to spend on them.

It’s seems like University Students, Huye Campus are no longer interested in show
The seats were empty in Main Auditorium of UR Huye Campus




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