DRC: Tshisekedi’s bad rhetoric incites a wave of violence against the Banyamulenge

DRC: Tshisekedi’s bad rhetoric incites a wave of violence against the Banyamulenge

DR Congo’s Felix Tshisekedi, who is seeking the second seat of presidency in DRC has recently frightened that he plans to eject from Congo victims whom he shamelessly considers as enemies of peace and the exploiters of Congolese wealth, with initial target to the indigenous Banyamurenge community living in South Kivu.

It is hateful speech he addressed on December 9, 2023, during his campaign trip in Uvira territory of South Kivu Province, He planted hatred in his followers, majorly coming from the Bafuleros and Babembe tribes and publicly okayed them to wage fights against the innocent Banyamurenge.

This further echoed the words of Justin Bitakwira Bihona-Hayi, the former Minister of Development in the South Kivu province, who dehumanized the Tutsi community and called them “snake”. He also referred them to be Rwandans instead of being Congolese.

Bitakwira, who campaigned for the parliamentary position in the controversial election in Congo confessed that he convinced President Tshisekedi to abandon relations with the neighbor Rwanda.

Following all these divisional statements by these rulers, bloody attacks by armed groups on Banyamulenge were frequently waged, devastatingly leaving death of victims, slaughtering their cows and looting their property.

The Civil Societies Minembwe who spoke to Rwanda Sun reported the burial of the deceased victims has been taking place, stating that the atrocities was orchestrated by the hateful speeches by President Tshisekedi and his allies.

According to Ruvuzangoma Rubibi known as St cadet, a leader of civil society in Minembwe, he revealed that there are incidents of murder and a hush of fear in the atmosphere of Minembwe.

For instance, he outlined that more than ten people have been killed by armed groups, including Mai Mai, who had been attacking Banyamulenge for almost a decade and absolutely reprimanded by the government.

He explained, “So that part of the protection seems to have come out, then they were told by those who should have prevented them, and the result is that they rise up and work without starting to achieve their goals.”

He said that in recent years they have been appealing to countries and international organizations but no one could hear their sorrow, yet some have signaled to support the killing government of Kinshasa.

“When you are weak, they leave you to die; when you are strong, they love you and find you.” He said

Ruvuzangoma says that the countries of in Great Lakes Region shouldn’t stand watchin Banyamulenge dying instead of rescuing them and notes them to be mindful that no body can be peaceful in case the neighbor’s house has caught fire.

“It is important that the Great Lakes and other countries understand the importance of helping each other and working together to restore safety of the people who are currently in danger”.

The civil society demands that the peace keeping regional troops that can be sent to RD Congo to protect the suffering people instead serving to favor the interests of the authorities.




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