Director Bray Pro to open “Break” recording studio

Director Bray Pro to open “Break” recording studio

Bray Pro, a professional music video producer, has already developed a project named “Break Record” to start a music production business and promote a new talent.

Bray Pro is currently producing music videos for various songs, including Spice Diana’s Siri Regular and a movie featuring Tanzanian Oprah, who is famous in the cinema.

In an interview with RwandaSun, he revealed that he is about to start his own studio that will produce music and promote new talents.

He said that he started this to help the artists be successful, but that he felt it would be better to do it in his studio.

“Among those people, there are those who have a lot of talent and want to show it, and I feel that I can help them show it more.” He said.

Bray Pro said that he is going to release a movie called ‘The Promise I Made’, the video of which was shot in Rwanda and Tanzania, while the actors who will appear in it include Irene Uwoya, known as Oprah.

It is a film about a man who took a child from an orphanage and promised to raise him, and at some point his wife wanted the child to be kicked out of the house because she believed that the child was from another woman and lied to her that he was an orphan.

This movie, The Promise I Made, will be released in January 2024.





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