Dead baby found in dustibin UR-Huye campus

The main girls’ hostel at UR- Huye Campus.

A dead baby was reportedly found in a dustibin at the University of Rwanda, Huye Campus on December 1, according to sources from the campus.

The sources say the baby was found by a cleaner who was collecting the garbages at the campus’ main girls hostel, known as “Beghazi”.

The deceased baby seemed to be nealy eight months old and it is suspected that the baby was allegedly killed after birth.

” I was collecting the garbages and when I opened the pin I was shocked to find a baby lying inside.” A cleaner told a local news Platform, Igihe, on an anonymous condition.

People including students gathered to the spot when the news had spread. Some people said the baby was such old enough that it could have been alive if it could had probably not been killed.

Students have no clues on who might had been pregnant and thrown the baby.

Rwanda investigation bureau (RIB) arrived on the spot and took the deceased for autopsy. It announced that it is going to probe the incident for finding who might have allegedly done that.

Elie Mutangana

Elie Mutangana

Elie Mutangana is a Rwandan journalist covering various topics including Politics, Social affairs and Business.

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