Counting few days! Drups Band is specially inviting Youth in their “God First” concert

Counting few days! Drups Band is specially inviting Youth in their “God First” concert

The youth-led Drups band, with the special guest Nomithie Sibisi are gearing up to thrill believers in a healing concert slated to take place on Sunday , December 3, at Intare Arena (Gisozi).

Known for melodious covers especially from Zulu language and their own-written songs, Drups Band invited Nomithie Sibisi, a South African gospel recording artist and song writer to help with preaching the gospel through music.

Sibisi said she admired the Drups band’s cover songs sang in Zulu language that they uploaded on YouTube and sought to collaborate with them by initially taking initiative to contact them.

” I saw the cover songs that the band made. it was a cover of the Joyous celebration ministry’s song which I used to belong to. I got surprised and amazed to how people from a foreign country are completely repeating the songs in Zulu. I felt to know who they are and I eventually shared the cover song with my leaders and all were amazed and proud of this band” she said in a press conference on November 28.

The band wants this year’s concert to be mind blowing and leaving unforgettable memories to attendees. Their previous concert had held in a church and was free of charge but this year’s concert will be charged, because of the changes and improvements made including the venue and the quality of the concert itself.

 ” We set the charges to cover atleast the preparation cost. Concerts are really expensive in all means, that’s why it requires financial means to make it. We want people to support us. We are looking forward to preach the gospel of Jesus through songs”. Said Fidel Gatabazi who leads Drups family.

He thanks sponsors who find interests in tapping importance and message found in gospel music.

Given that the band comprises of Youth, it encourages the young people to flock to this concert in search of taste of the gospel of Jesus and to fetch inspirations.

According to the Band representative,Emelyne Penzi, the band warmly welcomes every aspiring singers or music instruments players to join the band for increasing efforts in keeping healing souls vocation with the amazing music.

” The applicants go under a little assessment to verify if he can or will memorize and sing our lyrics. That’s the same to musical instruments players too, we verify he can or will be able to play the instrument”. Penzi said.

Though the youth are encouraged to attend the concert and as well as to join the band, the band says other categories of people are not excluded.

” We are a ministry not a church, everybody is welcome to Drups band” the representative added.

Nomithie Sibisi who is the special performer in the concert pledged that ‘with the presence of God, People will get vibes’. She confirmed her readiness to give memorable moments to everyone who will make it to attend.

Not only Sibisi, the concert will see other performers including Dominic Ashimwe, True Promise, New Melody and Best Sound Band from Burundi.

Fidel shed lights on the venue to those who might confuse it.

He said “The venue is at Intare Arena( Gisozi) not the one in Rusororo. It’s actually a branch of that one in Rusororo which is in Gisozi. It serves the same quality in hosting events as it is monitored by the authority from headquarter”.

He reminds that the attendees should come on time to avoid missing any moment of the concert.

“The concert will start at 2pm to 8pm. If you come at 4pm you will get almost a half of you what you paid the ticket for.” He added.

The early birds can buy the ticket at Rwf5000 for ordinary seats, Rwf10,000 for VIP and 20,000 for VVIP. There is also sponsor ticket of Rwf50,000. Notably the ticket on arrival will increase, except the Sponsor one.

Ticket are bought via mobile mobile +250782650811, +25078854650 as well as on momo code 773365.

Drups band was founded by Patrick Mugisha and embarked on spreading gospel through music in 2020, during Covid pandemic. According to the band, the beginning that time wasn’t smooth as physical gatherings were restricted for curbing the spread of infection.

Now, the band’s “God first” concert is going to be annual and will bring different improvements in each year.

Nomithie Sibisi, a South African gospel recording artist and song writer
Fidel Gatabazi who leads Drups family
Drups Band in repetiton



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