Christus Regnat Choir heals souls at the “I Bweranganzo” mega Concert

Christus Regnat Choir heals souls at the “I Bweranganzo” mega Concert

The renowned Roman Catholic church choir, Christus Regnat has on November 19, helped a big crowd of believers to worship and get their souls spiritually closer to God in a highly-attended worship concert that took place at the renowned venue, Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village (KCEV).

The concert entitled ” I Bweranganzo” had been highly anticipated by a big number of believers and the particular lovers of this prominent choir – which is marking its 17th anniversary – healing souls through gospels songs as well as participating in charity deeds.

The concert was participated and glanced by different big figures from government bodies, entertainment, media and many others.

For example, Minister of Education, Dr Gaspard Twagirayezu, Minister of Environment, DR Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya, Director of Rwanda Cultural Heritage Academy, Amb. Robert Masozera, Former Prime Minister, Bernard Makuza and Former President of Senate of Rwanda, Dr Augustin Iyamuremye are among the prominent figures who Glimpsed the healing concert.

Entertainment figures including artists such as; Masamba Intore, Jules Sentore, author Dimitri Sissi Mukanyiligira as well as the rising Media personality, Scovia Mutesi were among the congregation who attended the concert.
Minister of Education, Dr Gaspard Twagirayezu, Minister of Environment, DR Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya among the participants of the show

Reason of the concert

According to Choir representative, Jeremie Bizimana, the reason behind the concert was to exhibit the choir’s achievements in the last three years without having any concert, and meeting with their lovers.

The choir had paused live concerts on account of the emergence of the Covid pandemic in earlier 2020.

The concert also aimed at presenting the overall achievements of the choir over the past 17 years of lifetime.

“We are marking and celebrating our 17 years anniversary. We have achieved many incredible things including; six audio albums, 20 songs with videos and we have now around 100 live-recorded songs”.

He additionally said that they have got an advantage to live record over 30 songs that will be uploaded to the choir’s YouTube Channel very soon, and for enabling the attendees and those who did make it to attend to review the everlasting memories of the occasional concert.

Bizimana also reiterates on the fact that they sang some cover songs, calling it as ‘making music borderless’.

” A good artist follow the footsteps of his/her idol. It aims at showing gratitude and respect to what our elders did.” He said.

The uprising singer, Josh Ishimwe, also known for such cover songs is one of the artist who was featured in the concert. He sang his well received cover song “Sinogenda ntashimye” which brought the crowd to dancing with joy.

About the playlist

The concert’s playlist was categorized into three parts. The initial part saw healing and worship songs that helped the congregation to pray and place their sprits to God.

The second part featured cultural and heritage songs, while the third part was designed for the songs sung in foreign languages.


Artist, Andy Bumuntu helped the choir with singing their popular song ” Mama shenge”, a song that the choir featured, Andy Bumuntu and Yverry. The song is currently the most viewed song on the choir’s YouTube Platiform.

The choir also sang many of its well known song such as; “Igipimo Cy’urukundo”, a cover songs by late Cyprien Rugamba, “Inkotanyi cyane “, “Ziravumera”, a song written by Thimotee Ngombwa.

Former Prime Minister, Bernard Makuza was there
The uprising singer, Josh Ishimwe impressed the fans
The audience was very happy



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