Bugesera praises the information-sharing technology “Wisiragira”

Bugesera praises the information-sharing technology “Wisiragira”

Bugesera District is enjoying yields from the recently- established smart system “Wisiragira”, dedicated to communicating problems, information and recording.

The technology that was officially lauched in June is helping residents of Bugesera district to communicate their complaints and share information with district authorities.

The technology is also capable to record data and information for future use or reference.

It is said that the method is putting to end some reckless leaders who cite excuses of not knowing some pending problems left by their predecessors.
Meanwhile, it is enabling the leaders to track gaps and learn bridge them timely.

Furthermore, the low-level leaders such village leaders (Mudugudu) are now able to communicate critical problems to senior officials, at the district level for the quick intervention by using the smart technology.

Speaking to journalists on November 20, 2023, Mayor of Bugesera District, Richard Mutabazi emphasized that the “Wisiragira” technology is tremendously helping with problem tracking and solving.

He drew the experience from the previous ” Governance Month”, where the technology helped to track delayed cases.

“We are embarking on “Smart Bugesera”. People can now send their complaints to authorities using the mobile phones instead sending hard papers”.Said Mayor Mutabazi.

The Mayor added that they have built up a team tasked to receive problems and address them to responsible authorities.

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According to the Mayor, the district is building and upgrading infrastructure for empowering businesses and investors.

There are also several incentives which are targeting to attract tourists and settles in the district.

Notably, the district is the host of the upcoming Bugesera International Airport which is expected to increase the demand of service and infrastructure in Bugesera.

The district is critically working on security and safety assurance, especially in the areas near to the border.

Moreover, Mayor Mutabazi pledged to add efforts in mobilizing public services such as; heath posts and classrooms as the district for example, is grappling with the shortage of classrooms and teachers.

The setback has resulted to overcrowding in classroom.

Mayor of Bugesera District, Richard Mutabazi





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