BTN TV, Ingufu Gin Ldt honor winners in the “Ninde urusha undi” TV show competition

BTN TV, Ingufu Gin Ldt honor winners in the “Ninde urusha undi” TV show competition

Popular TV station in Rwanda, BTN TV has on December 30 awarded winners in competition of the “Ninde urusha undi” ” TV show who answered perfectly questions and obtained  more points than other in quiz section of the show .

The event took place at The light hotel Nyarutarama, where the winners were summoned to receive their awards and to shake hands with the host of the show and administration from the Ingufu Gin ltd who is the critical sponsor of the program.

Speaking to journalists, the show’s host who is actually the reporter to the station, Ndahiro Valens Papy said that the competition has turned five years honoring the followers especially overall winners of the quizzes.

He underscores that they slate the award-giving event during festive season so that to celebrate achievements with beloved followers to usher together with them in the New year.

” We provide awards including calendars, bottles of our gins and money and all are provided by the Ingufu Gin ltd.

We objectively provide money in order to financially support our followers, particularly winners of the competition ”

“We ask general knowledge questions concerning the normal life of country and other specific questions regarding the factories’ products as the key sponsors of the program”. Said Ndahiro.

According to Valentine Mutezimana who is one of honorees and the fan of the TV station, she  acknowledges that the competition has helped with mind opening and staying updated to different information and trends.

” The most important thing now is information. It is so shameless when you fail to recognize, for example a certain leader of something or to be clueless about a certain national program”. Said Mutezimana.

Her colleague, Daniel Ntihabose explained that he participates in the competition each year and throughout all the years, he has gained a lot of things from the competition.

” I have started a business of rearing pigs from the money I was awarded. I can now be paid Rwf300,000 if I sell one.” He said.

The sales and marketing manager of Ingufu Gin ltd, Emmanuel Munyampirwa, revealed that they took interests in sponsoring the show for promoting knowledge provision, communicating factory’s products and empowering “Made in Rwanda” products.

He notably reminded that the company consistently warns about any  irresponsible consumption of alcohol and prohibits persons under the age of 18 and pregnant woman from consuming the factory’s products.

“In alignment with “Tunyweless ” campaign, we remind people to drink our gins responsibly. We give assurance that if you consume our products there would be no hongover disorders”.

He proudly announced that the company plans to be included in among key sponsors of the renowned Tour du Rwanda cycling race expected in February 2024.

” We are normally the sponsor of the Rwanda Cycling where we support different local cycling races that follow Tour du Rwanda but this year we will dress up cyclists with branded Jersies”. Said Munyampirwa.

The awards aim to asher followers of BTN TV in new year
Consecutive winner, Daniel has gained more from participating in the competition


Ingufu Gin ltd warns the public to consume its products responsibly
Elie Mutangana

Elie Mutangana

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