Anti-MONUSCO protests in DR Congo’s Goma

Anti-MONUSCO protests in DR Congo’s Goma

Two decades ago, a UN force landed in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to keep the peace in a volatile territory almost overrun by armed militias. But with the insurgents still on the prowl, locals say the peacekeepers have outstayed their welcome.

Protesters are angry over the UN mission’s failure to stem violence in country’s east.

Protesters are demanding the withdrawal of UN forces from the central African country for failing to rein in rebel groups in the east who mastermind lethal attacks against civilians.

The DRC public has become disenchanted with the UN peacekeeping force for failing to secure the country.

On this Wednesday in Goma, people demonstrates against the collaboration of FARDC and MONUSCO.

In addition to the MONUSCO troops, the protesters also carried placards with words asking for the EAC troops to leave the territory of the Congo and also asking the government not to agree to negotiate with the M23 rebels.

Meanwhile, various reports from North Kivu confirm that the M23 rebels have already taken over Kilolirwe, an important area in Masisi located about 30 kilometers from Sake City.

M23 rebels continue to advance in Masisi days after the launch of Operation Spring Bok between MONUSCO and FARDC to fight against the group’s rebels.




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