A 2Baba & Alyn Sano Collaboration in the Works?

A 2Baba & Alyn Sano Collaboration in the Works?

2Baba, one of the most enhanced and succesfull Hip-Pop artists not simply in Nigeria yet in Africa, met with Alyn Sano to discuss the collaboration and expansion of this artist’s music.

2Baba he has actually consistently been rated one of the very best African musicians of all time.

Going by Rwanda diva, Alyn Sano, it seems we’ll be hearing quality stuff from her and arguably one of Nigeria’s biggest soul exports, 2Baba anytime now.

Alyn Sano, said that he met 2Baba which is made up of ordinary people who work with him on a daily basis.

She said, “There are people who work with us from abroad, when they found out that 2Baba arrived in Kigali, they wanted to connect us and we talked. We talked a lot, but the most important thing is that there is interaction, and he agreed that we should start talking.”

She aid that although they did not decide on a song or any other activity during the interaction, the important thing was to get to know each other and discuss so that in the coming days she is confident that their discussions would begin to produce results.

In the Trace Awards 2023 , Nigeria’s 2Baba took home the prize for Lifetime Achievement.





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